Smoking Weed

by Jason

Humans are the strangest animals.  We do the weirdest things that seem ridiculous when  you stop and actually think about them.

For example, in the teenage years when the hormones are raging, there is such an obsession to party.  Why though?  What is so amazing about getting drunk and acting retarded?  It’s not intelligent, it’s not productive, and it’s not really worthwhile.  But it’s fun and distracting.  And we all do it–or at least all want to do it–for whatever reason.

I have friends who spent all there high-school years resisting the urge to party.  Proudly they would tell people that they had never drank.  Everyone would be shocked of course.  I guess it is something people can respect though.  The problem is that these people all ended up giving in eventually. 

Maybe it is just something inside of us that we have to get out.  It’s like that rebellious side of every person needs to have its day in the sun.  I don’t really think it is a bad thing.  As long as you don’t become a bum and never move on, it’s really just a normal developmental stage.

But back to my point, humans do these strange things that just seem ridiculous when you think about it.

I realized this as I was watching my friend smoke pot out of bong the other day.  If you think about it, this is one of the silliest looking things you can watch a person do.  But maybe everything we do looks silly when you stop to think about it.  Chewing food when over analyzed could become almost comic.

Perhaps there really is a lot more to the whole idea of making a fool out of yourself to have fun.  Really the most fun times I’ve ever had in my life have been when I probably looked like a complete idiot to anyone else.  Maybe aliens have TV shows that play clips of humans doing things that seem perfectly normal to us.  They probably rate there favorite videos of us on AlienTube just like we do with all those silly animals on YouTube.