Why are Conservatives so…?

by Jason

This morning I was listening to the radio as I got up.  My parents always play conservative talk shows.  Sometimes it seems like its on all day.  So as I get ready for the day I often can’t help but tune into the day’s discussion.

Today the big issue was Barack Obama’s “Cap and Trade” plan.  I honestly don’t know exactly what the plan involves, and I don’t really know much about how its working out.  Since the election I have barely kept up on politics.  That may be bad but its a fact of life.

What I do know is that “Cap and Trade” is all about making America a more green country.  That sounds like a good thing and I have faith that the Obama administration is doing its best to actually accomplish these goals.  For what I have to say here, I don’t really need to know much more than that.

The radio commentator was pointing out how we are going through an economic crisis right now and apparently this new plan is going to cost millions of people there jobs.  She was saying that this is the last thing we need right now and that the whole countries standard of living is going to go down.  Then she began to complain about how the media has been playing up how the young generation is satisfied with a simpler way of life.  This, she explained, is ridiculous, basically “Socialism is evil!”

The fact is, I am part of this “younger generation” and I am completely satisfied with a “simpler” way of life.  I don’t care if I get rich and I don’t think many of my friends do either.  I have actually had a lot of conversations with people discussing how we want to live without all the “necessities” that most American’s need.  Is that really a problem?

Conservatives like to rant and rave against Socialism but I just don’t understand why.  I don’t care if I pay 50% taxes if the government is going to provide for my full education and all my health care needs.  I don’t mind the idea of be required to take vacations by law and not being able to work more than 40 hours a week.  It’s not like I will have to save up for anything.  The government will pay my school bills and when I’m old I’ll be taken care of. 

I’m not saying America shouldn’t be capitalist.  It is fine to the extent that it works.  But the fact it is, Capitalism needs socialist policies to survive.  Before the great depression there were no controls and we saw what happened.  New controls were instituted and things worked pretty well for awhile.  Then Clinton came along and took away some of the controls so people could buy houses easier.  Now we are seeing the results of that. 

Going back to what the radio commentator was saying; when it comes to the future, would we rather have a higher standard of living (DirectTV and three cars) or a planet to live on?  I mean honestly, if the scientists are right, our world isn’t in good shape.  That is a fact and the only people who deny it are Conservative commentators and wacko scientists on the outer edges.

I guess my main problem is that Conservatives seem to really twist the facts.  They mention the jobs that will be lost but they don’t mention the new jobs that will be provided.  They mention the importance of our economy but ignore the fact that our economy will mean shit without a place to exist.  They say that the media is trying to play up the “simple living” young people, but maybe the young people actually are socially conscious.

It doesn’t make sense to be greedy, hording money and useless crap when there are people starving in the world.  There are rainforests being destroyed, genocides taking place, people and animals being tortured, and the “young” are really supposed to be worried about getting rich?  As for me, I’d rather live simply and not worry about money, I have much bigger problems on my agenda. . . .

Like saving the world maybe?