Why Everyone Should Become Vegan

by Jason

A lot of people will tell you that you should become vegan because it is healthier or that you will live longer. They will use this logic attempting to convince you stop eating all the amazing food that you love and crave. The problem is, you know that food is unhealthy and you probably do not really care. The other problem is that exercise has been proven to be a more significant health factor than diet. A person who eats meat fairly regularly but has a rigorous exercise routine will be much healthier than a vegetarian who stays home watching TV. Besides, it is easy to be vegan and eat “unhealthily.” Consider the example of Oreos, which technically are a vegan food. So it is easy to bypass the “health” argument by simply telling yourself you will do an extra mile in your daily run the next day or pointing out something about how fish is good for you.

You should not become vegan because of health and just being a vegetarian is not good enough. Just being a “health” vegan is not good enough. A lot of so called vegetarians and vegans continue to wear leather, wool, and fur. You should become vegan because of the animals.

Everyday thousands of chickens are raised in cages not much larger than themselves. They are stuffed full of steroids so they mature quickly and lay eggs. The vast majority of these chickens will never see the sun or even the view from outside of their cage. Daily cows sit in stalls only to be let out on the grass for short parts of the day. They stick their heads through openings in the bars and occasionally, a startled cow will break its neck; dying. The male cows at our dairies are kept awhile to be fattened up and then shipped off, inevitably to be turned into various forms of beef.

The fact is, the dairy/egg industry is no better than the meat industry. Perhaps the animals are not killed as quickly, but they are forced to live a tortured existence. Besides that, it just does not make sense for people living in a modern country—like America—to be depending on animals to satisfy their needs. When people say things like “I couldn’t survive without cheese,” they might as well be saying they are enslaved to the dairy industry.

The truth is: you can survive without dairy, you can stop wearing leather, you do not need eggs, and you can be vegan. Really. It is not hard at all.

Of course it must be pointed out that there are many more significant problems in the world that a person should worry about. But this is still one of many issues, and no single issue should be ignored because ignoring a problem only makes you part of it.