To Much Stuff

by Jason

A little over three years ago my family built a house on the outskirts of a small village called Berrien Springs.  We moved into the oversized house, but as moves usually go we left a lot of unpacking and organizing for later.  Personally, I have never been accused of being a neat freak so I left a lot of junk just lying around my new room for awhile, quite awhile.  Over the past few years most of that stuff has moved to different spots a couple times.  Some of it has been thrown out but usually it gets replaced with other junk.  Before I moved into the dorm at the beginning of this year my room looked decently organized and clean.  Somehow when I moved back home for the summer, all the stuff that formerly fit no longer did.  My room was quite a cluttered mess but I didn’t really do much about it.  I was busy with summer classes, then I went to Africa, and then I came home; just living in the mess.

 Well finally last week I got some motivation to start cleaning up a little.  I sorted through bags and boxes, throwing out a lot and selecting other items to give away.  Finally, my room was starting to look really clean for the first time since we had moved in.  I moved the furniture around a bit and hung some new stuff up on the walls.  Now I feel like I have a room I can truly be proud of.  However, there are still some piles and boxes of useless stuff hidden away in my closet.  I have decided that when I move out for good I am going to leave all that stuff exactly where it is.  I am going to forget about it and start over with as few things as possible.

 There is really something to the whole idea of living more simply.  Think about it.  Most people I know have a ton of unused junk somewhere hidden away in their home.  We build large houses filled with closets and storage spaces just so we can find places to put it all.  There are companies that rent out units just for people to store stuff in.  What is the point?  Most of it will never be used again.  In the future when I am thinking about buying something, I am going to think about my formerly unclean room.  Will the item be like so much of the stuff that used to be lying on my floor, hidden and unmissed?