by Jason

The way I live my life is from adventure to adventure.  Let me just give you an example of what I mean by re-capping on my year so far. 

In January, the thing that got me through the first weeks of returning to school was knowing that I would be heading to Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington DC at the end of the month.  After that I counted down the days until spring break would arrive.  After spring break, I looked forward to going to my friend Josh’s house in North Carolina.  Upon returning from that trip I eagerly anticipated my upcoming study tour to Tanzania.  Coming home from that trip was moderately depressing, but I didn’t despair because I knew in September I would be leaving for Argentina.

Besides these scattered trips over this past year are many more smaller adventures such as trips to Chicago, backpacking, or even just heading to the beach.  The point is, I live by anticipating the next big thing.  It’s not that I don’t relish the experiences while they last, I certainly do.  What I don’t necessarily relish is the monotonous times, when not much is going on.

On September 12, I embark on my next big adventure.  I will be traveling a ridiculous 48 hours between layovers and bus rides just to get to my destination.  Then I will proceed to spend about 6 months fully immersed in Argentinian culture and hopefully I will learn a little Spanish.  While I’m there, there will be a series of smaller adventures–like trips to Brazil, Peru, Chile, and possibly Antarctica–that will make up the grand adventure which I will label, Argentina.

I feel like each of these trips are part of a greater journey.  It sounds terribly cliche to refer to life as a “journey.”  So that’s not what I’m doing.  It’s more like “the journey of me.”  Maybe that sounds like the same thing, and maybe it is.  On this journey though, I am becoming more like myself all the time.  I have this vague idea of who that is and it becomes clearer every step of the way, although sometimes it does become less clear for awhile.  There is direction in my life, even if it changes fairly often.  My life is not set in stone just yet and I hope it never is, at least until I die.

Right now, every decision I make is to get me to a certain point.  It has to do with someone.  It has to do with love.  Beyond that point in the unsure future things are pretty wide open.  However, I feel like I have the clearest direction I have ever had.