Here In South America

by Jason

I party too much here in Argentina.  I don’t practice my Spanish as much as I should.  And I’m finding it hard to accomplish the things I want to accomplish.

This is who I am right now.  Here I am like a wandering stranger, alone in a desolate world, but not alone.  My life is relatively perfect.  I have no commitments, no strong attachments.  It is difficult to ask for more.

I’m here, spending the year studying abroad and traveling.  My future looks promising with more fun times and travel ahead.  Two years ago I would have begged for this way of life.  If you would have told me this is where I would be right now, I would have barely been able to contain my anticipation.

Yet, I am here quite content, but not completely happy.  Life is drawing me forward and I want to move at a faster pace than I am.  Really, it is just the desire for something constant, something close, real, and intimate that draws me.  Right now, I lack this.  But I see it hanging, illuminating the path ahead of me.  Patience however, does not come easily and I am unable to run faster than the speed of time.  So I march, walking onward.

Still, there is happiness here, here in South America.  It’s not constant.  It’s not perfect and it’s definitely not the way I like it served.  The important thing is, it keeps me going.  It keeps the future coming towards me for now.