All I Did Was Ride A Horse

by Jason

Let us talk about Mendoza for a few lines.  To me, this is the best city and the best place I have visited in Argentina.  The streets are wide and the buildings are nice.  On Sunday, the city is like a ghost town but during the week it is jammed with people.  However, there is not a lot to do here, not a whole lot to see, especially if you are poor.

The Andes are about an hour drive from the city.  If you go there, there is plenty to do.  White water rafting, horseback riding, and hang-gliding are some of the things you can entertain yourself with.  All I did, really all I could afford to do, was to go horseback riding.

Other than that, I walked around the city visiting different sites that were listed as interesting on the map.  They weren’t.    I ate Subway for the first time in almost 4 months, and I ate it twice.  But, I think the thing I did that I enjoyed the most was just to relax.  That is vacation for me.

I spent long hours skyping with the people that are important to me.  It was the first time I’d actually spoken to some of them in months.  So it was good.  Good enough to skip dinner for, which I did.  At six in the morning, I wasn’t really hungry anymore anyway.  I just went to bed but I think I would have talked longer.