by Jason

Since I have been in South America there really has only been one craving that I have been completely unable to satisfy.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have the remedy available, it was really just plain stubbornness that kept me from fulfilling the desire.  You see, the University I am studying at happens to have a little grocery store on campus.  In this grocery store they actually happen to sell Pringles.   For some reason, since the very first day I saw the can sitting on that shelf, I have craved nothing more.  The only problem is, one can of Pringles figures out to be something close to four dollars.  Now, I know for a fact that in the USA I can go to Wal-Mart and buy that exact same can for much closer to one dollar.  So the principle of the matter, the inflated price, has kept me from purchasing that much longed for can.  It is interesting though, that I would so strongly fight against that desire.  There are other things, much more important things actually, that I have readily admitted defeat in and happily satisfied myself.

Currently I am in Vina del Mar, Chile.  The plan is to spend the new year here.  Right about now I am running out of money.  I had been being lazy on this trip, simply going out for my meals.  Now however, it is to the point that I really need to watch my money.  So instead of finding some cheap restaurant, I decided to head to a local grocery store.  As I walked up and down the isles looking for cheap and easy to prepare food, I saw the Pringles.  They were sitting there, so innocently and so tempting.  Eying them, I noticed the price marked below them.  It was listed as 1099 pesos, which after converting to dollars is roughly 2 dollars.  Immediately the can was in my basket.

Last evening, as I played cards, I sipped my vodka and tonic while munching on the craved snack.  Things couldn’t really get much better than that, at least not at that moment.  I guess at that moment, everything was very present.  My problem had been taken care of, and sure I will crave Pringles again, probably right about now actually.  But right then, it didn’t matter and so maybe I’m starting to figure this all out.

This morning my world fell apart.  I never knew what I would do if that happened.  Of course I cried, but the thing is, now, about 2 hours later, I really think I’m ok.  Of course I would make things different but maybe it wasn’t as important to me as I thought it was.  I certainly didn’t treat it like it was.  I never did.

So right now, I’m going to enjoy my Pringles; that is I will, when I go buy another can later.