Death Of That One

by Jason

God died today.  It’s not really the first time.  But it happened today.  He had been sick for awhile, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but no one can ever truly be  prepared for these things.  After he passed, I cried for awhile, then I fell asleep and it was some of the most restful sleep I’ve had in quite some time.  Maybe that’s what is bothering me more than anything; how terribly calm the whole event was.  It would seem like there should be some great sign in the heavens, stars moving, or a giant asteroid to hail the advent of such an occasion.  But no, it was calm.  There was a bright sun shining in the sky and the temperature was warm, not even too hot.  Perhaps the storm last night was the warning.  As the branches and trees shook, falling to the ground, perhaps the world was calling out, foreshadowing what would happen.

Now hours have passed and I’ve said all the things that I should never say.  The world is still calm, refreshingly cool actually.  It’s still, here in my room.  The only noise is the clicking of the keys as I type and my fan gently breathing to my right.  I’ve turned the lights out.  My bottle of water is over half full sitting to my side.  This is the moment right now.  I can feel the hard floor under my socks.  My back is arched in a way that would make a chiropractor cringe.  And somehow, in someway, at this second, I’m fine.  Yes, the world has ended and there is no life left here except for me, but yet, I’m okay.

In a way its a testament to evolution and the resilience of the human conscious.  Or it could be as well that all of this was just insanity.  Really, it has all been, it is all a sort of madness.  That is what they say at least.  All the experts, all the great writers, all the renowned artists, they all knew long before today that this is how life ends.

Far away from Argentina there is a place called Michigan.  There the world is covered with ice and snow.  A few months ago there was life there.  Things grew.  Now things have died.  The world, in a very concrete way, has come to an end.  It could be that it will stay like this forever.  Climate change has been creating tricky patterns and no one really knows what could happen next.  Yet, I think that sometime around march, maybe later or earlier, some green will start to show itself once again.

That is the beauty of it all.  Things carry on.  Life moves on.

And the other thing is that even the dead world can look pretty for awhile.

Tomorrow I think I might just open my window to view the devastation outside.  Before that though, I think I’ll snuggle up in this uncomfortable chair and finish watching this season of Gossip Girl.  I’ll think about how I always pretend I don’t know who you are when I hear your voice over the phone.  Something in an episode will probably almost make me cry.  Maybe I’ll try to forget about you.  And I’ll pretend like there is no place I’d rather be than sitting in front of my computer screen.