Growing Up

by Jason

I’m a kid who was born in the small village of Berrien Springs which is located in South-Western Michigan very close to Lake Michigan and about two hours from Chicago.  The majority of my life was spent growing up half an hour north of this village in the little city of Coloma.  My life there was isolated and quiet.  However, I always felt that someday there would be something more to my life.

For high-school I attended a private academy located in Berrien Springs.  This caused my family to relocate back to the outskirts of the village.  We moved into our new home when I was sixteen years old.  In the next year, my world perspective would change drastically.  For the first time I fell in love, flew in an airplane, and left North America.  Really, in a lot of ways, I had finally started to grow up.  I realized the world was an adventure and I could be part of it.

Within the few years since my first experience over seas, I have traveled quite a few more times.  It all has led up to me spending an academic year studying abroad in Argentina.  So that is where I am right now.  I’m here in Argentina living, learning, and growing.  Sometimes I’m lonely, occasionally I feel completely lost, and at the same time I am discovering more of who I am every day.  That is the beauty of the world; the relationships, the experiences, and the places all change you in some way.