Edges of the World

by Jason

I don’t want to sound like I have traveled extensively; I haven’t.  However, out of the places I have visited, the places that remain with me as the most real experience have been the barren places, the desolate, the wild.  In these parts of the world there is a sort of freedom and a kind of happiness that accompanies it.  It floats in the air and will intoxicate me like strong marijuana, slowly but effectively.

Ushuaia, Argentina is labeled “the southern most city in the world.”  Technically this title is correct.  There is a Chilean “town” a little further south and of course there are those eccentric villages on the white continent of Antarctica where only researchers and scientists reside.  Nonetheless, in the most basic definition of the word, Ushuaia truly is located at the end of the world.  If one is to go much further south, man loses most of the little control he has over nature.

I felt so incredibly drawn to this magical land, a sort of corner or edge of the globe.

The extremes of the world, in all aspects, draw me.  Driving across the Serengeti at high speeds sitting on top of the open air safari vehicle, I could not imagine more wonder than that.  Leaning over the Cliffs of Dover feeling the violent wind push against me, it was a like being lost in something big.  Sitting on top of a mountain peak in the Smokies, there was a sense of conquest within me.  These places, the edges, they reveal a little bit of mystery to me.  It’s not really that they answer any questions, perhaps they just raise more or allow me to realize there are questions in the world.  And I think in a way, these empty spots allow me to somehow clarify my life in my mind.

At the end of the world I realized that the world is beautiful.  I realized that my god had changed me and I wasn’t becoming the person I am.  I realized that the place I need to be, is on the edge of life, in all the ways that I can be.  I realized how happy I am able to be.

So here is to you world, here is to all of your uncertainty, vanity, and magnificence.  Bring me home okay?