I Dream of Perfection

by Jason

Someday, I will live in New York City and I will shoot editorial fashion.  In my spare time I will write novels and screenplays.  Every few years I will even help out in the production and direction of a film I will have written.  In some nice artsy burough of the city I will have a large art studio.  This will be my kingdom, my domain, my world of creation.  There I shall be GOD and I shall write, dance, photograph, and perhaps on occasion just throw paint at canvases.

In the mornings or evenings I will run.  Sometime right before lunch I will head to the gym to work out for an hour.  All of my meals will be wonderfully and perfectly vegan.  When I have the time I will read comic books, books on philosphy/religion, and watch foreign films.  The plan is to understand them in their original languages as well. 

A couple times a year we will go on world excursions, just because, not for work.  In the evenings we will meet friends for dinner and on occasion throw lavish parties that are the talk of the town, or at least a segment of it that call us acquaintances.  There will be slow days and long days, joyous moments and sad times, but most of all there will be a lifetime of happiness.  Or at least, something that I think will be even better.