Understanding GOD

by Jason

For some reason I have always had this idea that I need to understand and figure out GOD.  This misconception has led me through deep religious piety, liberal theology, postmodernism, agnosticism, and atheism.  Recently however, I have come to the realization–which does not actually sound terribly profound–that I do not have to understand GOD.  No one in the history of the world has been able to do this and therefore I should not feel the burden to do so.

When you look at the results of thousands of years of theological discussion the sum total of the understanding adds up to a lot of speculation and many disagreeing opinions.  For some reason this makes me feel a lot better.  If GOD truly were real, I wouldn’t think he would be very understandable or reasonable.  Essentially GOD is a discussion, something that has evolved and continues to evolve over time.  This is not to say that GOD changes, it is merely to say that people’s perception of GOD has altered.

Some people would probably argue that this makes GOD all the more unlikely.  Somehow, to me,  it makes the idea of GOD all the more intriguing.