Screwed-up Messed-up Beautiful World

by Jason

I have just spent the last couple of hours reading through Time and online CNN articles which is something I often do.   When I read about the issues in our world I find myself feeling a strong urge to do something, to make a difference somehow.  The problem is that I become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of problems that need to be dealt with.  On top of that, it often seems that the possible solutions contradict one another.  For example I read of conflicts  inherently knowing that peace is the answer and that violence rarely solves anything.  Yet at the same time it truly seems that at times war is the only way for people in this world to solve things and to overcome injustice.  It is a sort of dialectical tension.  In order to stop atrocities violence may actually be necessary.  Either way the innocent will suffer.

No one person or group has all the answers to solve our world’s problems.  The economic collapses, the wars, the injustices, the prejudices, none of them can all be taken care of under the banner of one ideology.  Conservatives, liberals, the religious, and the non-religious, none of them can come up with a quick fix solution because all of them are tainted by their viewpoints.  At some point they may solve one problem but it will likely be at the expense of another.  It makes one lean toward post-modernism but even then one is pushed into an ideology which will eventually clash with another.  Inevitably even that path will lead to sacrificing something for what it believes to be the greater good.

Basically the world seems, in a sense, quite hopeless.

In this mess, in this screwed up crisis called life, I still believe that it is all, in a way, beautiful.  Despite the corruption, greed, injustice, and evil that has filled our world, humanity has still pressed forward.  We have been existing somehow for thousands of years and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.  As for me, if I can do something, even if it will be tiny in the grand scheme of things, to make the world a better place, I choose that path for my life.  Though I want to more than anything, I can’t fix everything.  I guess I just need to have faith that if I do my little part then that will at least be something worthwhile.