Mumbling to the Carpet

by Jason

Occasionally I attempt to talk with GOD.  I say these little prayers before I drift off to sleep.  It is usually only when I am desperately depressed.  A couple times over the last year I have actually found myself laying face down on the floor, completely numb, wanting to cry.  In those moments I usually mouth whispered thoughts directed somehow indirectly through the carpet towards heaven.  I try not to put much stock into it and still it is kind of interesting to see how things work out from those points forward. 

There haven’t been any grand miracles or even really any changes, let alone drastic ones, however, it seems that somehow, something comes a long to fix things a bit.  Even if it is only temporary.

What I am writing about is kind of an untested theory.  The testing is still in the works and honestly I don’t care that much about the final outcome.  It is merely that I wonder if it may possibly be happening again.  Although I must admit I am the master of jumping to dramatic conclusions.

But maybe that is the way I like it.