Beautiful Art

by Jason

What happens is that I write a nice little post on here and look at it for a couple days thinking how I should probably write something else.  Then, suddenly three months have passed and I haven’t written anything new.  It isn’t even about having something available for people to read consistently; it is instead about me writing down the reflections I have on my life.

So what have I been thinking lately?  Basically everything.

I have been realizing how incredibly fortunate I am to have had the experiences and the opportunities which I have had in my life so far.  I also have been thinking strongly about the potential that I have.  In my heart I know that I could seriously do whatever I set my mind to do.  The difficulty is figuring out which things to actually pursue because when I chase after a dream, I would like to chase after it with passion.

Before me stands the future as a great unpainted canvas.  There are options of all kinds of medium that I can use to create my masterpiece.  Right now I stand here pondering which ones would accomplish my overall purposes with the most effectiveness, with the most beauty.  It is perplexing.  It is frustrating at times.  But at least I know that I am planning on creating something beautiful.  To me, that seems like an alright start.