Review of the Week

by Jason

I have been faithfully taking photos everyday this week.  Here are some samples from what I shot.

Monday: Jun Jun and Marlisa

These images are not fully edited but I wanted to show a sample of what I shot.   Thank-you to Tori for her help with make-up and styling.

Tuesday: Ivan in Chicago

This shoot wasn’t as legit.  I was in Chicago and didn’t have access to studio lighting so I had to make do with my camera and the natural light.


Wednesday: Nic, Ben, and Ivan

This was a much bigger production with three models and heavy make-up on everyone.  Stephanie helped out once again by doing hair and make-up.  She did an excellent job as always.

Thursday: Melodie

This was a quicker production.  Thanks to Tori for helping out with make-up on this one as well!

So there are two more days to go in this weeks challenge!  I am honestly impressed with myself and am excited about the next couple of shoots.

Check back to see the results.