East Coast Kidz

by Jason

We are in Stratford, CT staying at my friend’s step-grandfather’s house.

Last night we were driving in New York City during the ridiculous hours of the morning.  It was perhaps stressful but yet to me, it was kind of stupidly fun.

I’m just glad that I wasn’t driving.

Josh was driving.  Everyone was yelling, kind of.

So now we just went walking on the beach thing here.  We saw the Atlantic and took a million photos.  We have thirteen cameras with us.  There are eight of us on this trip.

But Tawanna is in New York right now.  She is staying there visiting family.  We will meet up during the week.

At the moment I’m a little hungry, a little frustrated, and very content.

I’m frustrated because yo no puedo salvar al mundo.

Yo siempre quiero salvar al mundo.  Quiero arreglar los problemas de mis amigos.  Pero no puedo.

I have this friend that I love.  And something is wrong right now and I can’t do anything to change that.

No more drama kidz, no more.

But the important point is that we are on spring break and everything matters.  We will have a great time.