Why Justin Bieber Intimidates Me

by Jason

I heart Justin Bieber; don’t get me wrong, but he intimidates me.

I recently watched his film Never Say Never, something I had been planning on doing for a long time. I previously had thought I knew quite a bit about this teenage wonder but as I watched I realized that I had barely known any of the details of who he is. To be honest, I didn’t even know he was from Canada until a few days ago.

But why does he intimidate me?

First off, in all honesty, seriously, I wish I could be Justin Bieber. Ever since I was little I have wanted to be a performer, someone who stands in front of an audience and controls the atmosphere of the room. I’m not that person, obviously. I may be fortunate enough to grab the attention of my friends but beyond that, well let’s just face it, no one is noticing me.

Secondly, this kid came out of the womb doing things that I will probably never be able to do. I read this book by Malcolm Gladwell and it talked about how talent is learned and practice. After watching the film, I’m starting to question if that is always the case. Or is Justin just the exception? I mean they bought this kid a drum and he knew how to play it. They gave him a camera to be in front of and he knew how to perform. They gave him a microphone and he knew how to sing.

I keep scratching my head and trying to figure out what talent I have to share with the world? Of course I know that I’m good at some things, yes. However is there anything I could make YouTube videos of and then become discovered for? I highly doubt it.

Who knows though, maybe I should try. Or maybe some people are just born to be idolized. Perhaps that is the real root of ancient mythology. Today we just make people superstars instead of gods.

Whatever. I heart Justin Bieber and I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with idolizing him until I figure out what my YouTube channel will be about.