Reslove and Stuff

by Jason

A couple days ago I woke up with this very cold realization that there is a lot of things in my life that I haven’t done. Most people look at me and are impressed with how much I have achieved in my short life. I understand that and I know that in a lot of ways it is true, I have accomplished a lot. The problems is, there are certain things that I have always wanted to do; ever since I was very young. Those are the things that I haven’t done.

While a lot of people would be more than satisfied with the accomplishments I could list, I for some reason am not. I know deep down inside that I am not yet the person I have always dreamed I would be. There is this part of me that knows I can be that person; really I honestly feel that I could do anything I wanted to do with my life. I know that I am capable of a lot of things. The issue is resolve and follow through.

It is very easy to say you want to do something. Recently I was reading a blog that talked about how New York is full of people who say they want to do things like write, make art, etc. What is stopping all these people from doing those things? I guess there is something to the whole idea of getting “discovered” by the right agent but I think a lot of it has to do with dedication.

As I see it, if Twilight and Eragon can get published and spawn cult followings then anyone with a decent amount of talent should be able to get published. The real problem is that we as humans say we want to do a lot of things but then don’t have the inner motivation to follow through on them.

About two and a half years ago I woke up one morning, climbed out of bed and stretch my arms toward the ceiling. At some point during mid-stretch my mind began thinking about how I always had said I wanted to be vegan someday. The thought process went something like this: I want to be vegan someday. Man, I keep saying that but when will someday actually become today? Perhaps I should just start next week on Sunday. No, if I’m going to start, then I should start today. And when my arms came down from that stretch, I was vegan. I’m not saying that I haven’t messed up and I’m not saying that it has been easy all the time. Hell, I spent a year living in Argentina where all they eat is cow. But, I have been consistent in making an effort to live in a different way.

So today, as I sit here typing, I’m going to decide to be the person I want to be. I’m going to start writing on a regular basis, I’m going to start being more intentional about making art and I’m going to do all the other things that are really important to that child version of me who is still inside somewhere. If he can be vegan then he can be anything.