A Great Team Makes for Great Results

by Jason

On Sunday, I did a fairly large scale–at least for me–fashion style shoot.  The project had to be done at a location outside of the studio.  When I received the assignment on the previous Monday, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do formulating inside of my head.  These thoughts began to cement themselves on Wednesday and I contacted the models, the make-up artist, and asked a couple friends to help with art direction as well as styling.  By Friday, I had my ideas pretty well developed and so I started scouting locations.  I took pictures to see how the places looked on camera and figured out good angles to work from.

One of the locations was outside on the roof of a building and so I made sure to check the weather which looked quite promising with very little chance of rain.  Unfortunately, the weather changed by Sunday morning when I checked again.  Undeterred, I crossed my fingers, whispered a couple prayers, and then proceeded to move all the equipment onto the roof.  Models and stylists all showed up around 3:30 PM and we went to work right away discussing the look-books I had created.  Stephanie the Great worked on hair and make-up for the models and my other friend, Tori, selected the clothing to be worn.  Fortunately, my team was amazing and I was able to let them work things out while I finished setting-up the lights.

The weather wasn’t looking promising but the rains were still holding off by the time the models were on the roof.  I had already done a decent amount of test shooting with my friend Ivan so I was pretty aware of how to position the models.  As I shot, Ivan helped art direct, giving suggestions to the models and to me.  From the very beginning I was happy with how things were turning out.  By the time it did start drizzling, I had plenty of shots I was happy with.

Quickly, Ivan and I carried the equipment off the roof and inside.  I sent the models inside to get restyled and then I showed Ivan the second location I had in mind.  After a bit of discussion, we figured out the general area and began setting things up.  This location was inside so we didn’t have to worry about the weather and everything went very smoothly.  My friend Katerina styled this second part of the shoot and she also helped art direct.

The whole process went very smoothly and I was so incredibly thankful to the team of people I worked with.  I had never had such a positive experience with collaboration on a photo-shoot.  Hopefully they will all be interested in helping me out again.

I was going for a high-fashion look for this shot on the roof.

This second shot was meant to have a very urban-outfitters kind of style.

Special thanks to Lindsay and Connor for modeling, Stephanie for doing amazing make-up, Tori and Katerina for being awesome at styling, and Ivan for working as my assistant as well as giving lots of good feedback through the whole process.  I couldn’t have done it without you all!