Falling for Autumn

by Jason

Autumn is my favorite season.

There is all this change.  The temperatures become cooler.  It rains.  Leaves change color.  People start putting on more layers of clothing.  Everyone begins to anticipate the first snow and the bitter cold that comes with it.

Perhaps there aren’t anymore changes during Autumn than in any other season.

Somehow though, somehow it always seems like my life is being transformed, like everything is getting better and worse all at the same time.  It makes me recognize all the beauty as well as the decay around me.  It makes me love and still feel restless with who I am along with the place where I am, geographically and mentally.

To me it seems that the air is always fresher yet mildly stale this time of the year.  The nights are always darker but in a more comforting way.  And the cold is always colder while the warmth is cozily warmer.

Autumn is a period of extremes.

For a short bit of time this strange mix of opposites are thrown together.  It seems rather perfect.