Documentary Fashion 2

by Jason

I had a second documentary fashion shoot for class.  Once again, documentary fashion is something that is iconic of the period, something provocative.  I chose to represent two different concepts.  The first shoot was simple, a girl holding a protest sign.  Right now, throughout the world, there are protests everywhere.  The Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, and groups throughout Europe and the Middle-East have all been getting a lot of spotlight from the media.  In my second image, I am showcasing two fashionable guys walking, holding hands.  Homosexuality is another big issue in society today and I wanted to represent that.  Special thanks to Simone for modeling in the first shoot.  She did amazing.  Also special thanks to Jon and Ivan who were willing to play the part of the gay couple.  It was actually more difficult then I’d thought to find people willing to do that.  Thanks also to Lynnie who did hair/make-up on Simone.  It turned out looking really great.