Exposition of Destroyed Hopes, Dreams, and Love with the Beautiful Results that Proceed

by Jason

When you enter that room you know it is the beginning of an end.  In two short hours you will be free from these past months of stress and toil.  But you know that in a lot of ways things turned out drastically different than you ever imagined.

You didn’t meet your expectations.  You fell far, far short.

And at the same moment you reached new levels of excellence that you would never have anticipated.  So, when you walk out of that room in two hours, when you step outside into the chilly cold and hold your head high pointed towards the all white sky with hints of gray, then you will know that in so many concrete wonderful ways you are completely and wholly free from a past that held your neck for too long.

You can get into that car with your friends on Thursday, Friday, or whenever it is–no need to make definite plans–and you, for once, can just be.  It will be you against the world and there won’t be anyone holding you down.

The past few months have liberated you and that my dearest sweet is a beautiful thing.