DAY ONE: Self Improvement Project (7 weeks to an ideal me!)

by Jason

Life has been getting in the way of the things that I really want to do like exercise, sleep, write, and eat regularly.  Thus, I have decided to take drastic measures in order to change this.  Well, maybe not to drastic.  BUT I am planning to make all of these things a priority from now on and you, my dear followers, you are going to keep me accountable.  This is how it is going to work: each day I am going to run, do push-ups, stretch, and do 8-minute abs.  Also, I will start writing on a daily basis, like maybe a page or two minimum.  Probably I should also do something photo related since that is what my life is about.  Also, I am going to attempt to sleep by 11 PM at the latest, preferably 10 PM though and I am going to start eating three meals a day.  This strict regimen will be maintained for 7 weeks because . . . well I guess I’m kind of Jewish and I think it is a significant number.  After that, the hope is that it will all be habit and it will just continue from there.