Day 3 and Photo Series

by Jason

Alright, so I have been doing pretty good with my self improvement project.  I am going to start a check-list method on here to list what I do each day.

Run: Yes

Push-ups: Yes

Abs: Yes

Meals: (2 so far)

Sleep: 10:30 PM last night

Write: Not yet. . .

Photo activity: No

Anyway, I feel pretty good about things so far.  I also took probably my most difficult final today and so it is a relief to be done.  AND just to keep this a photo relate blog, here is the thesis project that is currently on display in the Jean-Marie Gallery in Harrigan Hall.  Special thanks to all the couples who helped me out and were willing to model.


Race is an arbitrary term that is difficult to define in a precise and concise way.  It is a construct, created by humanity in order to classify people into distinguishable groups.  At some point the creation of these races confused us, making us think there was something very different about us; not merely our appearances.

Growing up in a diverse community such as Berrien Springs—my home village—simplifies the overcomplicated view the majority of American society has in regards to race.  A friend of mine once remarked that he never even understood that his best friend was black until someone explained it to him in sixth grade.

These ideas of difference are not inherent to our understanding of the world but instead are things that we are educated to believe.

This body of work is an exploration into these tensions, the intersections between culture, humanity, love, and unity.  Each of these couples has a unique story.  Some have experienced tensions because of their relationships.  Many have only experienced complete acceptance from their family and friends.  All have moved past the misconceptions society has often nourished, providing hope for a more perfect future.


Jason James Lemon

Breana Soliday and Kasper Haughton Jr. have been “together” for about 2 months.  They first met while attending church at One Place—also 2 months ago.  A mutual friend introduced them and very quickly they realized they were a good match for each other.  In the beginning they dealt with concerns from Breana’s parents regarding problems they fear Breana and Kasper
may encounter.

Phemie and Stanley Maxwell are married and first met 21 years ago in China.  They were both on vacation at the time.  There have been some internal tensions with their relationship surrounding cultural differences; mostly over holidays and sometimes food, but they feel these issues are usually comical in retrospect.

Vimmie Magsino and Ivan Labianca have been “in love” for approximately a year and a half.  They first met in a class they had together and then spent time together in Jordan.  While in Jordan Ivan asked Vimmie to have tea with him.  They spent time together as friends for awhile and then eventually became a couple by proxy. Neither really ever think of their relationships as being “interracial.”

Joel Barrett and David Seymour have been happily partnered for 6 years.  They first met at the Daily Grind, a coffee shop which Joel used to manage.  David decided to try the coffee at the shop and Joel immediately made his intentions known when they met.  About 3 months later they went on their first date. Due to many other factors surrounding their relationship, race plays a very small role in any tensions they may experience from others.

Tiffany Evering and Jeremy Burton have been in a steady relationship for a little over a year.  They originally met at Andrews University between Chan Shun and Nethery Hall.  Their mutual friend Krystal introduced them by telling Jeremy that Tiffany was “crazy” and that he shouldn’t talk to her.  Jeremy’s grandmother has some reservations about their relationship but otherwise their family has all been
very supportive.

Becky and Japhet De Oliveira have been together for 19 years and married for 17.  They first met in 1993 at Newbold College in England while they were students in the same class.  Japhet introduced himself by telling her that her shoes were ugly.  They have experienced some tensions from Japhet’s family due to differences in race and culture but otherwise they have not.

Tori Meyer and Jay Kijai have been dating/lovers for 2 and a half years and are possibly about to elope to Italy.  They met in an art class in 2009 when Tori bought him a dinosaur shaped cookie for his birthday.  They have never experienced any tensions because of their interracial relationship.

Raquel de Leon Rosenberg and Ray Rosenberg have been married for four years.  They originally met in 2006 at the clinic Raquel worked at in Coloma, MI.  Ray was a patient and Raquel was his nurse practitioner.  Neither of them have experienced any tensions because of their interracial relationship.  All of their friends and family have been very accepting of their relationship.

Katrinna Simbaku and Jamal Revolus have been dating for almost 6 months.  They first met at the Andrews University Student Center during the fall semester of 2010 and were introduced by a mutual friend.  They feel that attending Andrews University has kept them in an environment free from tensions that may normally surround interracial relatioships.