Justin and Emily’s Wedding

by Jason

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of photographing the wedding ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Emily Groff.  The wedding took place in an extremely picturesque area of Northern California.  Unfortunately, the weather, sun, and electricity were somewhat at odds with the event.  However, in the end, everything worked out and regardless of the chilly temperature and foggy skies, it was a beautiful affair.  Here are some highlights from the special day:

The sign announcing the entrance to the wedding location.

The gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids.

The groom and his noble groomsmen and single “groomsmaid”.

A table of gifts for the attendees.

The delightful outdoor reception.

The intimate ceremony.

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Groff, just as the last rays of sun disappear.

A sign of commitment.