Descent: A Film about Origins

by Jason

My best friend, Ivan Ruiz, is making a film about his family origins. I think this is an awesome project that I will personally be supporting financially. If you are intrigued, you should too!

A note about Ivan’s project:

In the south of Mexico, on either side of a small, worn road, sits a village called El Once de Febrero. Drenched in thick, humid air, and cut out from farmlands bearing sun-loving foods, it is a village rooted into the earth. Filled with tortillerias, panaderias, taquerias, and tienditas, it is a place in which everyone knows where and who their meals come from. And, until recently, it was a village of families. People would spend their entire lives there, and so would their children—and their children’s children. It was a village rooted into the earth. It was my parents’ village.

A note about Ivan:

Born to Mexican-American immigrants and raised in Southwest Michigan, Ivan grew up listening to his parents’ stories of their lives in Mexico.

Now pursuing a BFA in graphic design and documentary film with honors, Ivan has cultivated a passion for nonfiction storytelling through creative mediums.

With experience as editor-in-chief of his university’s yearbook, multiple design internship positions, and performances at various storytelling events (including The Moth in Chicago), Ivan has had experience in crafting communication both visually and verbally.

He is deeply interested in exploring the effect cultural readjustment has on relationships, and is currently preparing for a five month trip to the south of Mexico to acquaint himself with his family’s heritage.

Check-out his Kickstarter page by clicking here.