Day One

by Jason

And so then something happens like fate or destiny and you are absolutely absorbed far from where you were before.  You are writing on a laptop you couldn’t afford and don’t know quite how you will pay for, and sitting on a bed in a cheap hotel in a dirt poor neighborhood listening to the Axis of Evil wax hilarious about the Middle East vs. the United States.

Now you live there. It is kind of your home and this is where life–or fate if you like–has brought you. Today a film taught you that lies and fiction are often more beautiful than truth. And you know you believe that but you still don’t really get what you think about divinity.

Ganesh stairs at your computer screen from your chest though.  An unread Bible and Koran sit in a state of digital neglect in a mysterious computerized home on your Kindle.

The world was supposed to end a week ago, according to some calendar that was probably misinterpreted.  Of course, the earth is still spinning at the same speed although, don’t quote me on that when you are fact-checking with the scientists because honestly, I didn’t do my research on that one.

Yet at the same time the universe has become smaller, the world larger, philosophy deeper, religion simpler and everything dances in irreverent contrast against and iridescent glow of beauty. Beauty. Existence.

And maybe that is God?

Maybe you prefer fiction, but only when you create the lie. The important thing though, the important thing is that in this moment, at this second, during this click of the key beneath your finger, as you breath within this rather nice cheap hotel room in some shady back alley using the internet magically without any wires through an incredibly modern iPhone, you are utterly wholly present. This is the lesson that everything in the past has lead you to understand.


Today is just another speck of paint on the canvas of the universe and today is also a beginning.  Future moves pulsating before us all and past lives peacefully behind us.

In, out, exhale, smile, cry, dream. Move.  Fucking move kid.

But never forget to stay still, to whisper “om” aloud and murmur the name of God in the inner spaces of your soul.

India has closed a chapter of understanding, enlightenment if you’ll allow it.

You have crossed a threshold of great expectation, incredible responsibility. It is within your grasp, everything that is.


अनंत काल