1000 palabras y todo y nada

by Jason

I have nothing to say and everything to think inside my head because when you said those words they were hollow and empty but I believed them anyway because it was what I wanted to hear, what I wanted to feel was true. But you shouldn’t have said them if you didn’t mean them. You shouldn’t have let me believe them. You shouldn’t have let me waste so much time if all that time could be thrown away on a whim, as if without thought or care because that time, that time that you threw away, that was my heart. You should have known that, you. You should have been the one to know. If anyone would know it would be you. But I guess you only cared about yourself? Because the excitement was gone maybe? Because the thrill was no longer there and you didn’t feel young anymore and you just imagined us growing old without any excitement, without any wild and crazy, maybe? Oh baby, you didn’t break my heart. Instead you just took and I want it back now. Can I have it back, please? Why won’t you give it back to me? Why doesn’t it matter that I took a taxi across the city when I should have studied? Why doesn’t it matter that I wrote you in every spare moment of my trips and vacations? Why doesn’t it matter that I spent my money on you, that I gave you all my free time, that I planned my future with you? Do you honestly think the grass is going to be greener? I hate you now. You see when you takes someones heart, when they give it to you and you keep it and take it, as soon as you run from them, they cannot love any longer. How could they love without a heart? You stole it, their heart and its gone now. Hatred fills the void of that hollow place, the place that you once filled. And even the tears won’t come because their is too much bitterness, despair and anger. Even tears won’t come because there is nothing to cry over. There is no heart to give emotion to the eyes and push the water out. Can I have it back please, my heart? Because I don’t want you to have it anymore. I want it for myself. I want to mend it and keep it safe. I want to learn how to care for it properly and maybe someday I can find someone else, someone who will appreciate it. Someone who will hold it carefully, as they will also hold me. But how can I take my heart back when you have buried it in your selfishness? How can I estar tan estupido to trust anymore.

I’ve never known someone more selfish. You. And this ring won’t fit any other finger.