Thoughts on Consumption and Exercise

by Jason

I have this addiction, sort of.

The easiest and most understandable way to refer to it would be “over-eating.” But I don’t feel like that really explains it that well. So for lack of a better and more appropriate way of explaining it, I usually tell people that I just really like putting things in my mouth. Which, for some reason, usually makes people look at me with an awkward and uncomfortable expression.

What I mean though, is simply that when someone offers me a snack, a drink, candy, gum and anything else edible, drinkable or chewable, I have an incredibly hard time turning it down. If I have the opportunity before me, I become like that two year old who just discovered that he has a mouth to put things in.

Weird? Or at least you think I have a weird way of explaining it?

The point is, that I’m trying to be more responsible about this. I’m trying to not snack so much and trying to eat at regular intervals, just like normal people do on a daily basis. I’m also trying to avoid putting things in my mouth that are junk. Not a diet . . . Not a resolution for 2014 . . . Just a change in habits.

At the same time, I’m trying to make up for my short comings with regular exercise. For some reason, consistent healthy meals at regular intervals and regular exercise are two of the most difficult things for me to maintain.

The problem is, these two things have profound implications for my future health and happiness. So I’m starting to get serious about them, at least I hope so. Just don’t offer me any snacks between meals, okay?