Protesting Israel in San Francisco

by Jason

I was in the states for the last three weeks and had the opportunity to visit family in Michigan and friends in California, Nevada and Illinois. However, one of the highlights for me was participating in a pro-Palestinian protest against Israel’s aggression and illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands. As I live in Beirut, Lebanon and study alongside many Palestinians, I am all to aware of the reality of the situation in Palestine, and that reality is far different than what Western leaders and media would like us to believe.

A good example is the local CBS affiliate’s coverage of the event, which framed the protest by mentioning the small pro-Israeli protest taking place near a San Francisco synagogue. They then proceeded to briefly mention the pro-Palestinian protest, downplaying the number of attendants.

If you aren’t aware or informed of the situation that has existed in Palestine for the past decades, its time to get informed and learn the facts. The current situation has left nearly 2,000¬†Palestinians dead, many of them women, children and elderly, in the past month! Israel has also indiscriminately bombed schools, refugee camps, hospitals and UN facilities, despite be provided their coordinators on multiple occasions. This is not a defensive action, this is an attempted extermination, one that has been progressing for years.

Anyway, check-out my photos from the July 2oth protest in San Francisco and I encourage you to become informed about this issue, joint a protest, or at the very least write your congressmen and women. These atrocities MUST stop and at the very least, the United States MUST stop financially supporting them.















I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this event and I hope that somehow this, along with the many other protests throughout the world, are making an impact. At the very least, I hope that we are helping to raise awareness about the reality.