New Blog: Real Arabs of the Middle East

by Jason

Real Arabs of the Middle East is a response to the negative stereotypes and often inaccurate portrayals of Arabs in the Western Media. As a westerner who has lived and traveled within the Middle East for over two years now, I have become frustrated by the misconceptions and continuous misrepresentations of the people that have become my friends, colleagues and classmates. Although the mainstream Western Media prefers to share the images of radical groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, I want to show the reality, the average ordinary Arabs who dislike extremist groups just as much or more than any Westerner. After all, Arabs are the main victims of such groups. To my Western viewers and friends, please open your minds and hearts to understand that people are people, regardless of where they live. To my Arab viewers and friends, I love you and I hope my humble efforts can make a small impact, somehow.

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