Hanafi, Nélia, and Nassima Idiri (Algerians)

by Jason

Real Arabs of the Middle East


Nassima: “I want her to be herself. I don’t want myself to push her to do something. I want her to be Nélia and to do what she wants, to be free. And I will support her anytime and in any choice she will take, I will be supporting her.”

Hanafi: “Our dream is to give her a good education because if she is educated, she can do the things that she wants. And also to provide for her spirituality. The two things things that we want to give her are spirituality and education.”

Nassima: “But we agreed together that we will not tell her ‘be a doctor,’ ‘be a pilot.’ We will not ask her to be something we want, she will do what she wants.”

(Note: Algeria is an ethnically Arab-Berber country located in North Africa, generally closely associated with the Middle East)

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