Ehab (Egyptian-Lebanese) and Joanna (Lebanese) Mouawad

by Jason

Real Arabs of the Middle East


Ehab: “It’s awesome being Arabs and breaking stereotypes, like when we go to the West or other places and people are shocked when they meet us, because when we say we are from Lebanon and we are speaking English, or  like we’re educated, and you know we’re not very different from people there and they’re kind of shocked; it’s very amusing.”

Joanna: “It’s very funny to see. We start talking to people and then we’re just talking, and then after that they ask us ‘oh where are you from,’ because they know we’re not from there and we say ‘Lebanon’ and automatically there reaction shifts to . . .”

Ehab: “‘What you’re normal people??!!'”

Joanna: “‘Oh really? Oh you’re from there? Okay.’ And its just, you know, they change completely when they know where we’re from.”

Ehab: “It’s an amusing experience every time.”

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