Great Lebanese Women: Yasmine Hamdan

by Jason

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Jason in Beirut

Recently, a large social media debate has developed in Lebanon surrounding a particular Lebanese woman. I personally feel the issues discussed in this debate have been mostly unproductive and unnecessary. As a response, I decided to post a series about Lebanese women who I personally feel deserve attention and admiration for the contributions they have made. These women are diverse and work to present a positive image of their culture. To start out this short series, I would like to feature a recent obsession of mine: Yasmine Hamdan.


Hamdan is a singer/songwriter/actress who first became known in Lebanon through the band Soapkills. After moving to Paris and working with several prominent music personalities–including Modonna–Hamdan began performing and recording as a solo artist. Currently her recording of the song “Hal” for the film “Only Lovers Left Alive” is competing to be nominated as the Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards.


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