Oh the Beautiful Mediterranean!

by Jason

Jason in Beirut

Recently, I have taken to running along Beirut’s picturesque seaside corniche for my daily exercise. When I moved to Hamra, nearly a year ago, I assumed this would be the first routine I would add to my life. However, as things usually are with my exercise routine, I’m still struggling to stick to it all this time later.

But, when I do make it down to the seaside from my apartment next to Hariri’s Palace, I am always grateful that I did.

The spirit of the Beirut seaside is magical. I run passed some of the most expensive real estate in the Middle East and I also pass refugee children playing and swimming around the sea’s rocks. These are just some of the daily contrasts that make Beirut the bizarre and magical place that it is.

Gutted-out Saint Georges Hotel stands in angry protest next to the lavish Zaitunay Bay…

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