24 Things I’m Going to Do While Living in Lebanon this Summer

by Jason

Jason in Beirut

1. Read three books about Beirut

2. Watch ten Lebanese films

3. Drastically improve my Lebanese Arabic skills

4. Start biking

5. Start exercising routinely

6. Go camping

7. Make significant progress on my novel

8. Make significant progress on my MA project

9. Make one short film

10. Shoot a cool photo series

11. Blog regularly

12. Launch two new websites with friends

13. Pick-up two new freelance writing gigs

14. Make laundry list of potential grad schools

15. Visit at least three areas of Lebanon that I haven’t visited before

16. Become mostly vegan

17. Spend less money

18. Travel to Bahrain or Kurdistan

19. Visit Europe

20. Get tan

21. Read one book in French

22. Read one book in Spanish

23. Watch Lebanese television regularly

24. Fall in love, at least once

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