Removing yourself from all things familiar and comfortable

by Jason

At the edge of comfort there is a beyond that one can throw themselves into. I did that. I threw myself across the world and landed in a place with a different language, far from anyone I ever knew or was even familiar with.

Three years later, I’m here still. I have more memories than I could have ever dreamed of having when I boarded that plane all those many months ago.

I’ve traveled to Dios knows how many new places, filling my passport – the one with the silly 17-year-old long-hair-eye-hiding-hairstyle photograph in the front – with Allah knows how many stamps and visas. I’ve flown on more planes than I can count and I’ve met more people than I think I met in my entire life prior to boarding that first airplane. It’s been a bit of a race and yet mundane somehow.

And so I’m here, in this cafe eating quinoa, which may very well be contributing to a crisis in South America, and drinking a latte that I ordered with soy milk but I think they ignore the request. Because this is life.

We sit in cafes and eat our expensive food sipping our foolish caffeinated drinks, dreaming of futures that may or may not exist all the while becoming so caught up within the present moment that we forget to plan for anything, neglecting it really.

Sometimes this is happiness, a complete and utter blissful kind of contentment that reminds you of getting high and walking in the streets of Istanbul as the passersby seem to swoosh around you Matrix style. There are just so many people and the street is so wide and you’re so fucking fucking fucking high and you just want to eat pizza – or maybe sit in a cafe and drink a foolish caffeinated drink and munch on some super food salad.

But you realize you can do that anywhere in the world and everything you’re actually chasing is behind you, lost many years ago in the heat of insane ideologies that seemed so powerful. So you remain here, in the cafe, as the world swooshes passed you and nothing is actually moving, at least not for you.

Maybe you should buy a plane ticket?

We stand on the edge of everything and live for absolutely nothing.

We stand on the edge of everything and live for absolutely nothing.