‘Sawra, sawra, sawra’: The ‘You Reek’ protests escalate in Beirut

by Jason

Jason in Beirut

Today my Lebanese friends and I were tear gassed. My friend Michella was also standing in the front of the protest when security forces decided to force back protesters.


She and her two female friends were forced to the ground, shoved into the ground by the officers riot shields. They were also shot by water cannons.

Why did they choose to face this brutality? Because the Lebanese government has lost the trust of its people. They have shown a lack of ability to even manage the seemingly simple task of finding an acceptable method to deal with the countries trash.


Meanwhile the country continues to suffer from constant power and water cuts. Elections are years passed due and most of the currently unelected leaders would rather deal with their business interests than find a way to agree on a president. There hasn’t been one for well over a year now.

So, several…

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