Nobody really gets that it’s been almost a decade and you haven’t moved on

by Jason

It’s like you’re totally sitting minding your own business with your nice little life – your one bedroom apartment, your comfortable job, your freelance work on the side and your wonderful friends – when Adele goes ahead, pops her head in the room and breathily sings “hello.”

Then, suddenly it doesn’t matter that it’s going on 10 years since you fell in love at 17. It doesn’t matter that it’s been more than four years since you’ve had any kind of communication. It’s meaningless that it’s been at least six years since anything actually existed between you because now, abruptly, you’re right there, lost and broken crying in bed. It’s the same as when your heart broke and you went to therapy all those years ago.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite the same. You don’t want to die this time. But you still hate the fact that you’re not with that person. You still really dislike the idea of living a life without them, or at least without someone to fill the void left in their place.

So, you breath. You set Adele on repeat. You smoke up. You wallow for a minute – or maybe a day. It’s okay. Thank Allah she released the song on a Friday and it’s the weekend.

But fuck this woman for throwing you right back to that spot you’ve worked so hard to claw yourself out of. Fuck her for being so damn good at hitting exactly where it hurts most. Fuck her for being so damn universal in her appeal and so God damn fucking amazing!!

Because, I guess, you really only fall in love once and Adele refuses to let you forget that.